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Even in the darkness every colour can be found.

And every day of rain brings water flowing to things growing in the ground.

7 December 1983
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I used to be "Forgottenrain", hence the name on the banners and such, below. I decided to change the name of this journal because I've had this thing for six years, now, and the original name really didn't fit who I am, anymore. My 18 year old self, maybe. My 24 year old self? Not so much. So yeah. That's that. Sorry for any confusion.

I want to fly to the moon. No reason why, really, aside from the fact that I really like green cheese.

my music: this is me.
Cos all the cool kids are doing it, this is my Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thejennamonster

Original fiction novel work in progress thingy.


"a butterfly begins life as a caterpiller.
a crawling, writhing, shamful thing...
but it grows. it entraps itself,
and thru labor and toil...
it becomes such a thing as can FLY"
-dementare, narcolepsy, sandra delete


Rest in peace, my love.
You were my sunshine.
Danny Mazzant, Jr
May 21, 1984 - Oct 25, 2006

^If my layout is something different than a normal lj one, it comes from here.