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Had the worst time getting to sleep last night.

Possibly because this happened:


Did you bullshit last week?

So I have to watch this documentary about philosophy for my politics class and make a mini power point presentation type paper thing about my reactions and if I have any interest in philosophy, have had any formal teaching, etc.

I'm trying to figure out how much trouble I'd get into if I include this clip in my presentation:

Considering that's all I think about while giggling in my head whenever the topic comes up.



So I had class until around 930, tonight, and then needed to go grocery shopping. I didn't end up getting home until around 11. Meanwhile, Rich has to be up at 6 or so for work in the morning, so he was long in bed and asleep when I got home.

So imagine my surprise when I opened my laptop and found this:

title or description

He's super adorable. I think I'll hang onto him for a while. :)

Extra Life Total Update + Videos/Pics

Latest Extra Life total (because people have still been doing make up days, and technically folks can donate until the end of the year) is 3.8 Million. Last I saw, over $95k of that was for Children's Hospital of PGH, and out of THAT, $2,165 was our team. Whew. I feel pretty accomplished.

I cut down a few of the videos into highlights if anyone is interested.

EDIT: have to just put the links because it seems that LJ won't accept Livestream's embedding code for some reason.

Rich's Intro

My Hour 19 attempt at Dead Space on the hardest mode. I'm really just amused at my reactions to everything in this, I don't know why.

My sleep deprived ramblings at the beginning of Hour 25.

Rich's sleep deprived sign off.

And both of us at Hour 23:

title or description
I think Rich looks like a giant in this pic.

title or description

Game ListCollapse )

Time for bed.

Extra Life Complete for another year.

Total as of 8am on 11/3 for our team: $2,105 (wow!)

Not sure the estimated total for the charity as a whole, yet. All I know is that it's well over 3 million. (Again, wow!)

And now time to sleep. I am so excited about sleep.

Donations can still be made if anyone would like.

Videos of the day are up on the Livestream site. I may edit them down into hours/games, or something, tomorrow, if I feel like it. Some are pretty amusing.

What. A. Day. Whew.

Extra Life record! THREE MILLION! YAY!

Extra Life is only in its 15th hour and last year's record has already been broken! THREE MILLION DOLLARS! Holy crap! AND this is after the site has been down most of the day due to DDoS attacks (three so far. Seriously. Wtf)

Our team goal of $2k has been achieved, as well, though we can always raise more.

Click to donate


Click to watch our livestream

10 more hours.

EL Update.

Nine hours in. Starting to feel a little ill from the overload of caffeine and junk food, but still going strong. This is the hour of Skyrim.

Someone is DDoS attacking the Extra Life site. Who freaking does that??


Went live on Extra Life about an hour ago. So far our team is up to $1,810, so only $190 left to make our goal! AWESOME!

If you want to tune in to watch video games and listen to us be weird here's a link to the event.

If you want to donate, go here.


Not doing anything to officially celebrate my favorite holiday, but still going to class in style. :D

title or description

I don't murder people, I swear

Managed to freak out some of my scuba class. We were chatting among ourselves going over procedures and talking about how if you don't do things like blow bubbles to equalize the pressure in your body, your lungs can literally explode. Without thinking, I said "I still think that is so cool. I wonder what that looks like!" and everyone looked at me like I grew a second head. I quickly explained that, you know, forensics major, helped out on autopsies, wondering just for that kind of purpose because it's good to know what various causes of death look like, etc. I'm not sure it really worked. They may think I'm a serial killer, now.

Sigh #forensicsnerdproblems

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